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This Member voluntarily Resigned from the Order

Name: Aries Dragonfang
Aliases: Orn'ethan
Age: 18
Race: Human
Status: Former Member
Saber Crystal: Cyan
Former Master: Novus'Olm

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Inferno League Statistics

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Aries Dragonfang grew up on the planet Earth surrounded by a very ignorant race known as Humans. His adventure as a Jedi began at the age of 13 when he stumbled across a small group of people who called themselves the Dark Assassins. It was there that Aries grew a development and understanding for the art of Saber Combat and Force Usage. Within a month of joining the Dark Assassins the leader left and Aries was nominated to lead the clan. He accepted the title with hesitation and within a month was overthrown from his position and exiled from the clan. (Details not Found.)

Aries spent the next few months wandering the universe before finally setting foot on the planet of Taspir. He stumbled upon a small group of people yet again but this one was different. This group was more controlled, organized, and elite. They called themselves the Angels of Fire. A fitting title seeing as how the planet around them flowed with massive amounts of lava. Nevertheless Aries began a journey with these Angels he would never forget. The jedi of this clan quickly accepted Aries into their ranks with open arms and Aries began anew tossing away his old Dark Side habits. He learned about the healing and protecting abilities of the Light side and how even though it seems weaker a Single Saber blade can out skill any other. After spending 3 years with the Angels Aries felt something on his home planet call to him. With much regret in his heart he took off to take care of things at home. Almost six months passed before anyone heard from Aries. Eventually he emerged from the shadows. With things settled on the home front, Aries was ready to resume his training towards being a full fledged Jedi Knight.


  • Aries has been around the Angels of Fire since 2005. He left the Order in April of 2012.

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