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This page covers our general policies and procedures.

  • If you're looking for information on our Server's Rules, go Here.
  • If you're looking for information on our Rank Structure go Here.

General Rules


  • All members will be subject to a minimum of 3 hours of playtime on the Angels of Fire Jedi Academy servers within any given week, unless they are physically not able to access the computer, or have been restricted in other ways.
    • If you are unable to maintain the activity requirements, consider applying for an Extended Away.
      • Hopefuls and Initiates will be given the right to an Extended Away status for real-life situations only. The Extended Away was always reserved for the rank of Padawan and above. Hopefuls have 1 month of unannounced AFK before they are up for removal, Initiates have 2, and Padawans have 3. Padawans who go on extended away may remain there for up to One Year before they can be considered for removal. Jedi Knights and above who have obtained their rank via the Jedi Trials cannot be removed from the Order for inactivity, but they can be auto-retired and lose clan priveledges, depending on the circumstance.
  • All members are encouraged to post on the forums and contribute to conversations relating to the Order.
  • Padawans who are unable to get onto the server, but can still access the forums, may be required by their masters to undergo written training in leu of physical training, via the forums.


  • Allow the Codes to guide your conduct.
  • Avoid Sexual/Ethnic/Racial/Religious and Crude remarks.
  • As an [AoF] member visiting other servers, remember that your behavior shapes how the public perceives us.

Code of Honor

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order have always had a long-standing tradition and policy in regards to how we train our members in the way of the Saber and Force as compared to other groups/clans/communities within JKA.

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order discourages its members from using the following techniques, maneuvers, or "aides":

  • Fanning
  • Poking
  • Yawing
  • Scripting, or the use of third-party programs that enhance, automate, or otherwise alter a player's skills.
  • Glitching
  • "Gap"ing
  • "Ghost"-Modified Skins/Hilts
  • Any other technique, maneuver, or "aide" that is deemed unethical or dishonorable by The Jedi Council.

Additionally, members ranked Hopeful to Padawan are asked to not perform:

  • Using the JA+ special maneuvers, such as the "Leap Frog" or "Tornado" maneuver during duels.

The purpose of all of this is to encourage the student to think outside the box, study how the 7 Lightsaber Forms can be integrated into JKA, and to develop their own approach to combat, as well as creating a fair gaming environment.

Ceremonies and other Events

During our Ceremonies, Meetings, Trials and Evaluations, we ask our members to behave in a specific way depending on the event at hand. Our Ceremonies, specifically, are special occasions, and we try to use our Ceremonies as tools of transformation for the participant in question. They are treated as Rites of Passage.


  • Remain still.
    • Do not "mouse look" around.
    • If you get a bubble, just tap either the up or down arrow keys to remove it. This will remove the bubble with no interruptions.
  • No commentary.
  • Follow the MC's instructions regarding Lightsaber use.


  • Sit in a meditative state, and actively listen. This means that you either take notes on your comments, and save them for later, or just sit there and read the console. Do not interrupt.
    • If you get a bubble, just tap either the up or down arrow keys. This will remove the bubble with no interruptions.
  • Keep your commentary constructive and structured.
  • Meetings are done for the benefit of the Order. The more this is acknowledged, the more the Order and grow and benefit from our gatherings.

Trials and Evaluations

  • You either watch, or leave.
    • Dueling others is not permitted during Trials or Evaluations.
    • FFA is not permitted during Trials or Evaluations.
  • If you need to speak, use Private Chat or Xfire's Group Chat.
  • Don't play with the Dueling Dome in the Jedi's Home map.

Lightsaber Achievement System

The Angels of Fire Jedi Order uses an achievement system involving your Lightsaber. View the Lightsaber Rules page for more information.


Rank-Based Combat

  • All members from Hopeful to Padawan are expected to utilize a Single Lightsaber and the Light Side of the Force on every server they visit. This falls in line with our canon-based traditions and our Clan's Structure. This also allows Jedi training for the new player in terms of their approach to combat. Once a member reaches the rank of Jedi Knight, this person will be granted the opportunity to go under further study of the Lightsaber (Staff and Dual Sabers) and/or the Force (the Light or Dark Side) by selecting a Prestige Class.

Forums Training Programs

  • From time to time, there may be special projects posted on the forums that will be required for all members below the rank of Padawan to complete, as a supplement to evaluations. These are not optional. You can fail them the same way you would fail an evaluation.

Suggestions for Growth

  • Suggestions from clan members on the state of AoF are welcome and encouraged, but must be filled through the proper channels. We ask of your suggestion to be a well-written idea/plan.
  • Hopefuls and Initiates should use the "Contact Us" section. Padawans should use the "Suggestions/Ideas/Concerns" section under "The Angels of Fire"

Consequences and Punishments

We have a system of Standard Operating Procedures in place to ensure that those who cannot or will not follow the rules and policies of this Order are dealt with swiftly.

On the Servers

On the servers, rule violators will be treated with the 3 step system. The Server Rules can be found Here.

  • Warning
    • Binds.
    • Verbal Warning.
  • Admin Action
    • Sleep
    • Silence
    • Force-Spectate
  • Removal.
    • Kicked.
    • Banned.

On the Forums

The Forum's Software has a built-in Warn Level system for dealing with misbehavior. Each time you receive a formal forums warning, this meter will increase in 20% increments. Each increase lasts a year. This gives you 5 warnings within a year until this meter reaches 100%.

If it goes to 80%, your account will be suspended, and the Council will meet and discuss how long you will be suspended for.

If your meter reaches 100%, you will be banned from the Forums until an Administrator decides to unban you.

The amount of time you are banned can take from 24 hours to 2 weeks.