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The Inferno League, otherwise known as AoF Competitive Training Nights, is a system of various different combat-based tournaments designed to hone our members' skills as well as reward those who push their abilities to the limit or emerge victorious from battle. The Inferno League consists of 5 types of tournaments, one of which is chosen at random on the evening of the event, and is open to all AoF members ranked Hopeful through Grandmaster. Retired Jedi may also attend.

Each Inferno League session will be led by a Master of Ceremonies, or M.C.; This person will either be an Event RCON Holder, or a member of The Jedi Council. The M.C.s rulings are absolute, and can only be challenged by submitting documented evidence to a Jedi Council Member. The M.C. will randomly choose a base map and gametype for the Inferno League session 15 minutes prior to the event. All Inferno League sessions will take place on The Angels of Fire Training Server. See the Server Information page for IP.

If you have any questions about Inferno League, please contact the Inferno League Captain Novus'Olm.

The Inferno League is currently not running

Next Inferno League Day: N/A

Single Elimination Dueling Tournament

Double Elimination Dueling Tournament

At the start of the tournament, the M.C. will create a randomly-generated Tournament Bracket using either Microsoft Excel or a web-based service. The bracket must be filled in and posted on the forums at the conclusion of each Inferno League session that this type is used in.

There may be several tournaments, designated as "Rounds" during an Inferno League session, depending on the number of participants.

Each duel is "Best 2 out of 3", and the winner will advance. There is no "losers bracket" in this session.

Each winner will receive a "Single Elim" badge on their Wiki page.

Unless otherwise noted, all Single Elims are Single Lightsaber ONLY, regardless of rank.

Same as the Single Elimination tournament, except there is a "losers bracket", "semi-finals", and "Finals".

Unless otherwise noted, all Double Elims are Single Lightsaber ONLY, regardless of rank.

"Small Group" TFFA

Normal TFFA

Following Angels of Fire TFFA settings and rules, this session will consist of group battles of 2 or 3 players each, with a fraglimit of 11.

Friendly Fire/Saber will be enabled, pickups are disabled, and "laming" is allowed. (You shouldn't be chatting or going AFK in TFFA.)

Participants will be awarded badges for winning the match, and the "MVP" of the match will receive a separate award, and can be from either the winning or losing team depending on performance.

ALL participants are thrown into teams at the start of the match, regardless of size. (No restriction as above) Participants will be awarded badges based on Victory only.

Normal AoF TFFA settings apply.

Last Man Standing

Participants will be awarded badges for winning each round.

See the Last Man Standing page for rules.


For every victory in a round or event, the winner(s) of that round or event will receive a tally mark on their set of Inferno League Badges that are displayed on their profile which can be found on the Member List. The results for every round and event are then recorded and stored into an Archive for each gametype.


Below, you will find the links to the Archive Pages which contain the results of every event held within the Inferno League.

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