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Jedi's Creed Logo created by Kalek

Based off of the unique multiplayer experience offered by Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Jedi's Creed will be a game of intrigue, espionage, and stealth.

Two teams of 3 to 6 people will be created, based on the attendance levels, at a time. Each team will have a singular target on the opposing team.

Your goal is to defend your team's "VIP" while attempting to assassinate the other. One person will be chosen to keep score per team, preferably a Jedi Council Member. (Not counted in the team limit. This person will be in spec.)

The game can only be run on medium to large size maps. As such, custom maps may be required.

The only current approved custom map pack is the Raven Bonus Map Pack, found here.

Kalek also created a Jedi's Creed Skin Pack, located here


The gametype used is TFFA, to allow for private team chat channels, with the following rules:

1) Each time a team assassinates their target VIP, the team gains 10 points.

2) The person responsible for the kill gains points based on the stealthiness of their assault. 50 points for a blatant outright attack, 100 points for at least damaging the opponent before they are spotted by the other team, and 200 points if they are able to kill the VIP and retreat without being spotted by a guardian.

3) VIPs cannot use their Lightsaber. They are also expected to be in close vicinity of a guardian at all times.

4) VIPs cannot hide on top of tall buildings or in glitches. They must roam at all times.

5) If a VIP is found to be without their guardian or hiding in a glitch, they will be given a 30 second countdown before they are auto-killed by the administrator and the opposing team will obtain 30 points.

Other restrictions/rules

If a VIP dies due to environmental damage (such as falling in a pit), the following will occur:

  • If the death was accidental, the opposing team will receive 5 points.
  • If the death was on purpose, the opposing team will receive 20 points. This is to discourage VIPs from using Suicide as an escape tactic.

The server's Saber Damage Scale CVAR will be set to 2, essentially creating double damage. (A blue strike will do around 70 points of damage.) Flipkick will also be disabled.


Due to this game being played in the TFFA gametype, as well as disabling Flipkick, it must be executed by an Rcon Holder.