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Combat Statistics

Saber Forms Principles Force Abilities
Master of the following Lightsaber Forms:

Teaches the following forms:

Master of the following Lightsaber Principles:

Teaches the following principles:

Notable Force Abilities:
  • Master of the Light Side of the Force
  • Proficient with the Dark Side of the Force

Name: Novus'Olm
Aliases: Inuyasha, Xzorin Tsara
Age: Unknown
Race: Half-Demon/Twi'lek Hybrid
Rank: Jedi Master
Prestige: None
Profession: Forums Administrator, Jedi Council Member, RCON
Saber Crystal: AoF Basic Purple
Lineage Crystal: Electric Violet
Former Master: Anca'lime
Padawan Learners: None
Former Padawans: Aries, Eyrnu, Lawliet, Wolverine, Battyone, Shen Dako
Graduated Students: Phantasm, Shipau, Elkairah, Leonhart, ZeroTM (Sponsored), Vorus Both


Saber Achievements

Cyan -:- Seafoam Green -:- Electric Violet -:- LEGACY: Vengeful Electric Purple -:- Flaming Crimson Red

Wings of the Inferno Achievements

Inferno League Statistics

Single Elimination Duel Tournament Winner Double Elimination Duel Tournament Winner Small Team Free for All Winner Team Free for All Winner Last Man Standing
1 0 3 0 0


  • Note: This is more of a description of Novus's path to his current status. He has never written a full RP Biography, due to the complexity of his characters.

Jedi Master Novus'Olm has served The Angels of Fire Jedi Order for close to 6 years. He entered the clan some time around September 3rd, 2005. (Official records indicate a vote was passed this day. The actual tagging date has been lost.) As a youngling, Novus'Olm, then called Inuyasha, learned quickly and started to show promise. Around December 3rd, Inuyasha was promoted to the rank of Initiate. On or around January 3rd, 2006, Inuyasha was officially sponsored by then-Jedi Sentinel Anca'lime and promoted to the rank of Padawan. Her training methods, though odd, improved Inuyasha's combat abilities ten-fold from what they were. Due to the need for new administrators, Inuyasha and his friend Raikiri were given limited administrative abilities as Padawans due to their loyalty and work for the order.

On July 16th, 2006, Inuyasha and Raikiri were promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight, deemed to have gone through Jedi Trials of their own due to the problems facing AoF at the time. They were given a restricted JK rank in that they were not allowed to take a prestige class or give trials until they took and passed their own. They eventually did so, and became full JKs in their own right. Inuyasha sponsored his former fellow Padawan and friend, Phantasm, as his first apprentice.

On September 2nd, 2006, only one year after entering the clan, Inuyasha became a Jedi Council Member alongside Raikiri, Anca'lime, and Lucian. Phantasm passed his Jedi Trials shortly thereafter, on January 17th, 2007.

Time passed, and Inuyasha and Raikiri were making a lot of progress as Jedi Council Members. Inuyasha felt the need to take on a new apprentice, and so he took then-Initiate H.B.K, now known as Shipau, under his wing. Around this same time, Phantasm became a Jedi Council Member. (April 12th, 2007)

It wasn't long after that when certain events within the clan led to then-Jedi Master Anca'lime's retirement from the order. Plagued by anger and sadness at the loss of his Master and closest friend, Inuyasha became more determined than ever to improve his leadership and combat abilities.

As a matter of loyalty to his master, and his friendly relationship with Anca'lime's apprentice, Elkairah, Novus took up the task of continuing his training. It was at this time that AoF's first "Padawan Brotherhood" was formed, and the first time a Jedi Council Member had trained two apprentices at the same time.

On June 28th, 2007, Elkairah and Shipau passed their Jedi Trials and ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight. Shortly thereafter, Elkairah became a Jedi Council Member, marking the second of Novus's apprentices to do so. (August 14th, 2007)

Anca'lime returned to the order around this time, and took up another apprentice, Leonhart. Novus took up his third apprentice, Battyone, around this same time.

On January 12th, 2008, an unparalleled honor for Novus occured. He was granted the rank of Jedi Master, along with his master, Anca'lime. Around this time, he sponsored Aries and Wolverine to become his fourth and fifth apprentices.

On January 17th, 2008, Novus unapprenticed a Padawan for the first time. Battyone had vanished from the order without posting an AFK, and was demoted to the rank of Initiate before eventually being removed.

On May 22nd, 2008, Anca'lime once again retired from The Jedi Order, this time for permanent. Wolverine was removed from the order, and Aries had gone AFK, so Novus picked up Leonhart's training.

Novus continued Leonhart's training, along with his other apprentice, Lawliet. (Number 7). On November 1st, 2009, their mutual hard work paid off, as Leonhart was granted Jedi Knight.

Novus eventually took on the name of Xzorin Tsara somewhere around this time (data unknown), and has recently changed back to Novus'Olm.

Leonhart was also selected to represent The Jedi Council, as well as Shipau, making all of Novus'Olm's graduated apprentices Jedi Council Members at some point.

Elkairah and Shipau retired from the order in early 2011. While this greatly saddened Novus, he still retains contact with them.

Aries and Eyrnu resigned from the order due to real life commitments in mid 2012. Over the course of 2013, Novus trained Vorus Both and Shen Dako as his latest apprentices. Vorus successfully passed his Jedi Trials in early 2013, and now serves on The Jedi Council. Shen Dako was removed from the order.

Novus'Olm currently holds the rank of Jedi Master, and is the longest-serving member of The Jedi Council; he now serves as the Council Advisor, as well as leader of The Elder Council, holding the rank and position of Flame Haze within AoF: TOR.

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  • Jedi Master Novus'Olm has been in the order for approx 9 years as of May, 2014.
  • Has served on The Jedi Council for close to 8 years.
  • Is the longest serving (consecutive) member of The Jedi Council
  • Ascended to The Jedi Council in near-record speed. The record holder being Jedi Master Anca'lime
  • Every one of Novus'Olm's graduated apprentices has served on The Jedi Council at some time.

Contact Info

Xfire: darkyoda58