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The Angels of Fire Jedi Order utilizes the Escaped Turkey server hosting company for all of its servers. Most of our servers utilize the JA+ Mod, Version 2.4 B7. Almost all of our servers run base maps exclusively in order to attract a wider range of players. However, some servers have Custom Maps loaded to them for various reasons. Any custom maps loaded will be listed below.

We ask players to follow the Server Rules at all times.

Jedi Academy Game Server List

Below, you can find the IP address for each of our JKA game servers, as well as a brief overview of what to expect from them, and any special files required.

[AoF] Primary Server

IP Address: (
Type: Public Clan Server (FFA)
Purpose: This is our primary server where our members spend most of their time.
Files: JA+ Mod 2.4 B7, a few AoF custom sabers created by AshuraX, Raven Bonus Maps.
RCON Holders: IrishDragon, Novus'Olm

[AoF] Training Server

IP Address:
Type: Private Clan Server (FFA)
Purpose: Reserved for clan training, as well as a private server for Masters to train their Apprentices uninterrupted.
Files: JA+ Mod 2.4 B7, AoF Inferno Trials by Kalek, Sky Temple FFA by Pazur, Jedi's Home (JL) 2, Raven Bonus Maps, AoF Council by Kalek, AoF Joust by Moosero
Enigma Training, Jump Training, ID's Force Chamber
RCON Holders: IrishDragon, Novus'Olm

[AoF] Events

IP Address:
Type: Varies according to Events. Please see AoF Original Games for details and rules.
Purpose: Plays home to all of the AoF Original Games and Events. This server can be utilized at any time, allowing unprecedented access to our original gametypes and events.
Files: JA+ Mod 2.4Beta6, Raven Bonus Maps, Kalek's LMS Arena
RCON Holders: IrishDragon, Novus'Olm

[AoF] Inferno

IP Address:
Type: Siege
Files: JA+ Mod 2.4Beta6
RCON Holders: IrishDragon, Novus'Olm