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These rules apply to any server on [AoF] property.

No Laming

If someone's lightsaber is turned off, do not attack them.

Attacking someone without their guard up is called "Laming" by the Jedi Knight community.

There are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are attacked, and you attack back and the person runs away, you have full right to pursue them until they are dead.
  • If someone kicks you repeatedly, you have full right to chop their head off
  • If an unarmed person is in an FFA zone, they are open season reguardless of if they have saber on or off. FFA zones are dubbed such so that Free-For-Alls may take place there. Not so people can lollygag around and cry lame when they get hit.
  • There is no such thing as Laming during a Team-Free-for-All. If you're playing TFFA, don't stand around chatting or go AFK. That's what Spectate is for.

This also includes Force usage; do not attack with Force towards a player that has their saber turned off.

This is where people get confused. The following Force powers are considered "Offensive" in the [AoF] servers, especially when spammed:

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Grip
  • Drain
  • Lightning
  • Mind Trick -- in conjunction with an attack
  • Flipkicks

Watch your language

In regards to chatting and your use of language, we ask the following:

  • No Swearing
  • No Insulting
  • No Bigotry
  • No Sexual References
  • English only in public chat

Many of our members are under the age of 16, and so are many of our guests. We seek to have a friendly atmosphere available to players of all ages.

Violating these rules will earn you a silence, and possibly removal.

In regards to our, "English only in public chat" rule, this is due to the majority of our members being native English speakers. We do have members who can speak other languages, but even these members have at least a moderate understanding of the English language. If you do not speak English very well or at all, you will still be allowed on the server as long as you follow our rules. However, if you violate our server policies, administrators will take action to enforce our rules and if needed, you may be kicked from the server. Non-English speakers are treated the same way as every ordinary guest.

No Padawan/"No Name" names

We ask our guests to use an original name on our servers -- something besides the default "Padawan". This also includes "No Name" people.

"No Name" people include those who use punctuation as their name.

This makes it easier for the administrators to keep tabs on the server activity. If you ignore this rule for an extended period of time, you will be renamed by an administrator.

Respect all Members, Administrators, and Guests

This rule includes not only Admins, but all [AoF] members, and guests. If you are told to stop something, you will stop or be removed. If there is not an admin able to come to the server at the time, you may still find yourself getting punished from outside the server via Rcon or by someone whom was granted admin via Rcon. "Mind the Fire" at ALL times, as you are indeed being watched.