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For 8 years, The Angels of Fire Jedi Order has maintained a unique position within the Jedi Academy community.

We're a social clan founded upon The Jedi Codes, and we have an appreciation for Star Wars canon and lore. This can be noticed when one examines our Clan Structure or analyzes our approach to combat as we utilize the Light Side of the Force and incorporate the 7 Lightsaber Forms into our Lightsaber instruction.

Our members also learn to become leaders in their own right, many of which transfer these skills to their personal lives, through their time spent here. [AoF] has a Code of Conduct that must be followed at all times, which allows for both freedom of expression as well as creates a safe, friendly gaming environment for all.

All of these things prepare our members for The Jedi Trials, the final step before becoming a Jedi Knight and a leader of the Order.

[AoF] also has a vast repertoire of events and games, and a random Rancor or Tie Fighter have been known to make an apperance on the server from time to time.

Getting Started

The most important part of the Application Process is to create an easily readable, informative application.

The template for posting an application in the Enlistment Section is located here.

We are an English speaking clan based in The United States of America, primarily. We do have members from other countries, but they are able to communicate in English very effectively. If you cannot speak or understand English well, please do not apply. There are plenty of clans based in other countries that you can apply to. We're not trying to be cruel, but our daily activities require communication. If you cannot speak or understand English, you will have a very hard time here, and you will cause problems for others.

Before you decide to put in your application, we recommend that you spend a few days with us so you can get to know our members and soak in the atmosphere.

While we look for skill, we do not place a heavy emphasis upon it. Maturity, Attitude, and whether you're willing to learn/adapt are far more important.

Common Mistakes

Not everyone is guaranteed admission into the Angels of Fire. It's important that you are familiar with our policies so you can secure your admittance into [AoF]. Here are some common mistakes:

  • Inactivity
    • We require all members to be active for at least three hours per standard week on the server. If you are unable to do this, AoF is not for you.
    • We observe all Aspiring Hopefuls while they are on the server. Applying for the clan on March 21st and having your first active day as April 1st, for example, does not mean your application has passed the one week time frame. You need to be active to be observed.
  • Behavioral issues
    • Please remember that while we love to have fun and entertain our members and guests, we do have a Code of Conduct. Many of our members are younger, so any form of cursing, sexual/ethical/racial commentary, etc., will not be permitted and any member responsible for such behavior may be removed from the order. Remember the Codes.
  • Lack of communication
    • Xfire is our primary method of realtime communication. We use this messenger to gather people to play, communicate downtime, etc, in addition to the forums. If you do not wish to use Xfire, your activity and clan involvement may become severely limited.
  • Caught using the Dark Side of the Force or Staff/Duals.
    • We are a Jedi Order. As such, we have rules that all of our members must follow according to their rank. Along with embracing canon, one of our rules is that members of the lower ranks -- Hopeful through Padawan -- must use Single Saber in conjunction with the Light Side of the Force at all times, even when on other servers. We teach you to master Single Saber use and the Light Side of the Force up to Jedi Knight. After that, you can go under further study into the Dark Side of the Force and/or arcane Lightsaber combat like the Saber Staff and Dual Sabers by selecting a Prestige Class.
  • Double Clanning
    • Those who decide to apply should know that we do not allow double clanning. If you have applications submitted to other clans or you are already a part of another clan or group, your application will be denied.
  • Compliance
    • We have several policies and practices that exist within our order for Roleplay and Tradition purposes. It is recommended that you take the time to scan the Wiki, ask the members, or scan the forums for these various rules. One such example is the Lightsaber Achievement System

Closing Notes

Overall, it's important to just have fun while you're here. We are a Jedi Order, but we're also a group of friends and gamers. You'll find that once you get into [AoF] and prove yourself, people will open up to you and you'll create lasting friendships here. Many of us do external game nights such as Starcraft 2, Xbox 360, Pokemon, etc. Some of us have even helped others in their quests for Jobs, devastating life events, etc.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask any member of The Jedi Collective (See Clan Structure for information on which ranks have Jedi Collective status).